The Alexander

The Alexander

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2017 Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay.

“Holding a textbook makes you look smarter. So does holding a glass of this wine. Your choice.”

I turn into a genius after a bottle of wine. (By ‘genius’, I mean smartass.)

Just like scotch, vintage cheddar and George Clooney, The Alexander gets better with age.

Crisp, balanced and oh-so-complex, this classy chardonnay is the perfect companion for those who like wine with a side of intellect.

But don’t let Alexander’s supreme vocab fool you – he’ll still sing ‘Baby Got Back’ at karaoke, so there’s that.


Has hints of: Stone fruit. Citrus. Buttery and toasty notes. Elitism.

Pair it with: Intellectual conversation. Hard-to-pronounce-words. Fancy cheese. Dignity.


$35.00/bottle - $140/case (Inc. GST)

If you’d like a mixed case of 2 or 4, simply add singles to your order and we’ll combine them in the one box!