The Ali

The Ali

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2018 Hawke's Bay Pinot Noir.

“Always be yourself. (Unless you can be a legend. Then be that too.)”

"Trust me; you can dance" – This bottle of wine.

Not for the faint-hearted, our girl Ali is all about taking more chances and caring less about what others think.

The ultimate party animal, this punchy pinot noir is bold, ballsy and unapologetically bodacious, with a full body and soft tannin that will leave you wanting more.

Stop caring about being the adultiest adult in the room. Just start having fun.


Has hints of: Dark cherry. Plum. Spice. Toast. Unwavering confidence.

Pair it with: Impromptu food fights. Table dancing. 3 am pizza.


$35.00/bottle - $140/case (Inc. GST)

If you’d like a mixed case of 2 or 4, simply add singles to your order and we’ll combine them in the one box!